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I am a married stay at home mum to 2 girls, I have been psping and photoshopping for about 5 years. I started out tagging then moved on to scrap making, now i am loving making blogs for people.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Tag made with a fairies garden

Hi all i thought i would make a tag with my a fairies garden kit


Sunday, January 30, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New From Sweet Diva Dzigns

New stuff from me, a mega kit plus some templates at my always low prices



All can be found Here

Sunday, January 9, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Valentine Collab For Kate Designers Helping Designers



Hi All, We have another Designers helping Designers
This time its for our store owner (Sweet Diva Dzigns) Sister who has just been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. Kate is 35 yrs old, a mum of 2 and a loving wife. This Collab is not to pay for treatment, but to make her life that little bit easier, So if her and her husband don’t feel like cooking they can get take out, or take the kids to the movies, Or even buy a magazine to read while having treatment.
Our Fantastic designers have gotten together and put this huge CU collab together, all to do with valentines day, plus a designer has chucked in a PU valentines kit,
So in this collab there are Scripts,Overlays,Styles, Elements, Wordart, Plus more
Not all are shown, it was either have some or none as any smaller they wouldn’t show